Hurricane and Windstorm Preparedness


With Hurricane Florence approaching, I thought I would share some last minute information courtesy of one our insurance carriers.

First I have attached various documents which may be helpful. Certainly a fair amount of the information in the attached should have already been under review. However, there also are some points that may be reminders of prep work already performed as well as steps to be taken post hurricane. Below are some bullet points which can probably still be implemented.

  • Ensure Roof drains are free of debris.
  • Clear storm water drains of debris.
  • Confirm roof mounted equipment and perimeter flashing are mechanically secured.
  • Keep fire protection systems in service. Protect fire pumps and risers from flood.
  • Ensure generators are tested and fuel supply is full.
  • De-energize electrical equipment in susceptible areas.
  • Move storage and equipment to higher elevations.
  • Install flood barriers or sandbags at openings.

The first two addressing the clearing of drains are often forgotten, but can be very beneficial to maintain before, during and after the event.

I have also included the FEMA link on hurricane readiness.


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