After the New Year: Resolution Maintenance

My New Year’s Resolution, to lose 10 pounds, is already running into a wall. It is cold outside, so I do not want to walk; a torn rotator cuff is keeping me out of Volleyball; and I have cooked grilled chicken breast 7 times, lightly fried fish 6 times and had more salad than I ate all of last year.  Granted, I am dropping a few pounds, but it is getting very monotonous.

My Solution: Home Projects and

Let us start with  This website will give you some great recipes based on the ingredients you have in the fridge.  For example, I have some left over ground turkey in the freezer.  Therefore, I type in Ground Turkey, and the site gives me a link to Stuffed Turkey Burgers from Food Network.   It has 48 reviews / 5 stars.  The site actually gives many links, and you will have to choose what fits your appetite.

Next, on to home projects. I tend to do many small home improvement projects throughout the year.  However, this year, I saved most of them for the winter.   This year, the laundry room is getting some cabinets; I am building a nightstand out of Poplar, and possibly repainting some of the bedrooms.  It does not seem like much, but these little projects will get you walking around the house, not seated in front of the TV.

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