Alive at 25 – A Program for Teen Drivers

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teens. Created by the National Safety Council, the Alive at 25 program was developed to reduce the frequency of youthful driver collisions and the resulting injuries and fatalities. Alive at 25 is led by local law enforcement officers, selected with a commitment to leading and guiding youth. These officers provide young drivers and passengers direction on how to take control of situations by taking responsibility of their own behavior, how to deal with peer pressure and to make better decisions.

As a board member of the Chesapeake Region Safety Council (local chapter of the National Safety Council), I wish to share with you a few opportunities in the Baltimore, Washington and the Eastern Shore areas for the Alive at 25 program. I encourage you to register your own children and share the opportunities with your friends.

In addition, I am sharing an additional resource for parents of teen drivers.  

– Jeffrey L. Hixon, VP, Loss Control

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