Brush and Wildfire Safety

Christmas Day, around 6:00pm, a brush fire started up just across the street from my house. Thankfully, there are no houses on that side, and the wind was blowing slightly away from the road and houses. Response included 2 pumpers, 1 pumper/tanker, a tower and 2 command vehicles. The total area burned was about 6 acres. No injuries sustained or property damaged.   See some pictures below.

Of course, this got me thinking about Brush/Grass/Wildfire Training. Here are some links:

Brush Trucks have always been my favorite piece of firefighting apparatus. There is just something cool about a small pick-up or Jeep with a pump, some hose and maybe a Foam sprayer. These go-anywhere, miniature fire trucks are great tools for rural areas with tight roads and low tree canopies.

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fire picture

*BRUSH VEHICLE – A unit designed for off-the-road use. Equipped with a small booster pump or portable pump, small water supply and necessary portable equipment needed to control brush fires. (VFIS Apparatus Description – Click for description of all apparatus types)

brush vehicle 2        brush vehicle 1

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