EC&S Basics on the DC Health Link

It has been our experience as an organization that there has been a disturbing lack of quality information or intelligent discussion about the transition to the DC Health Link for organizations in The District with fewer than 51 employees. I have sat in multiple meetings over the last two weeks with nonprofits and businesses that knew nothing, half truths or told me how unprepared they felt for this new reality.

Bearing this in mind, I created the attached simple slide deck that walks through the facts and the basics on the DC Health Link from a high level (handout version: here). This is built from experience from working with groups that wanted to transition to the DC Health Link back in 2014 and organizations preparing for the transition this year.

I hope this is helpful, relates the facts to you of how the system works and answers at least a few of your questions about what the future looks like. At the end of the day, the sky is not falling; however, the horizon may look a little different.

If you have questions or would like to discuss what this means for you and your organization, please feel free to contact me, Paul Phelan, by email at or by phone at  301-948-5800, ext. 117.

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