Executive Benefit Business Insurance Audit

When was the last time you reviewed your Buy-Sell Agreement or Life Insurance policies?

Your business is a living breathing entity.  It is always changing, evolving and becoming something new every year.  Buy-Sell Agreements, Executive Bonus Programs and Supplemental Retirement Plans do not always keep up with these changes.  They are fretted over, set up and then forgotten about until the day they are needed.

We believe it important to review these annually.  The intention of the Executive Benefit Business Insurance Audit is to bridge the gap between your ever changing business and the static nature of your Executive Benefits. Please review our ECS Executive Benefit Business Insurance Audit to see how it works!

Any questions?  Please give Paul Phelan, CFP® a call at 301-948-5800 x 117 or email at phelanpj@ecsinsure.com.



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