Friendly Reminder: Chimney Safety Tips

Bert the chimney sweeper from “Mary Poppins” is someone we all should know.   As it gets colder outside, we gather to warm our homes and hearts by the fire.  Mantels are always a wonderful place to display photographs, art work and other objects.  During the holidays, mantels are often enhanced with seasonal items like stockings and fresh greenery.   Behind all this is the need to be mindful of some of the dangers, below are some chimney safety tips:

  • Have your chimney inspected annually
  • Make sure your hearth is clear of flammable objects
  • Place a fire extinguisher nearby
  • Use only dry and cured wood
  • Remember the fireplace is not a trash can so no burning of wrapping paper or other items
  • Never leave the fire unattended
  • Make sure the ashes are COLD before removing them from the hearth
  • Be sure all your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are fully functional

Now, who brought the marshmallows?

For more information about chimney safety or to locate a reliable chimney sweep, visit the following websites:


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