Halloween Safety Tips

Costumes. Candy. Spooky stories. There are so many reasons kids look forward to Halloween each year. As Halloween approaches there are a few things we can take note to ensure a safe, yet enjoyably scary Halloween. Interesting to note is according to the American College of Emergency Physicians  the chance of a child being hit by a car is about 4 times higher on Halloween than on any other night.

Make it easier for drivers to see your kids, as they dart from house to house collecting candy in the dark. Using items that can be found online, at party stores, sporting good stores or mass retailers, you can easily add visibility to a child’s costume. Some quick ideas come to mind: Flashlights, Glow sticks, Reflective wristbands or tape.

The attached list is provided by the Safe Kids Worldwide organization, take a second and give it a quick read: Halloween Safety Tips



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