Healthcare Timeline- What Happens When?

We do have some facts that can be passed along that will interest you!  The following is a recap from The National Underwriter Company, “healthcare Reform Facts” by Alson R. Martin, J.D., LL.M 

Essentials of Health Reform for Employers 


 Ø  Employers to distribute summary of benefits and coverage (SBC) to participants, with a 60-day advance notice of any significant benefit change during the plan year

Ø  Carriers must begin to adhere to medical loss ratios

Ø  Extension of women’s preventive care services begins (starting for group plan years as of August 1,2012

Ø  W-2 reporting for health coverage (Employers filing over 250 W-2)


 Ø  For plan years on or after January 1, 2013, FSA contributions will be capped at $2,500

Ø  Comparative effectiveness group health plan fees begin

Ø  Employers notify employees about exchanges

Ø  Exchanges begin open enrollment periods

Ø  Medicare payroll tax increase on wages exceeding $200,000 for individuals and $250,000 for couples


 ØHealth insurance exchanges begin – auto enrollment after 2014

ØState health insurance exchange tax subsidies

ØStates expand Medicaid

ØHIPAA wellness limit

ØNo: annual dollar limits, pre-existing condition limits, waiting periods over 90 days

o   Additional standards for new or “non-grandfathered” health plans (provider nondiscrimination, covering routine medical costs for clinical trial participants)

ØEmployer mandate (Pay or Play) tax penalties

 o   Details not out yet

 More information will follow!  In the meantime, if you have questions please contact Dave Dixon at EC&S 301-948-5800. 




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