Is your mobile banking transaction secure?

Are you entering the world of mobile banking? As you know, theft of information and hacking losses continue to rise. We have a few tips that could protect your bank account and private information to pass along:

  1. Do not share PIN numbers or your credit card or your debit card with anyone.
  2. Download your bank’s mobile apps so that you can be sure you are connecting to your bank and not fake site to avoid phishing.  
  3. Download regular updates whenever they are available.  
  4. Inform the bank immediately of any lost card or mobile or registration number.  
  5. Do not use public wi fi when banking and make sure you are connecting to the bank via a secure connection.  Disable the automatic wi fi connect option in the network settings of your mobile service. 
  6. Banks never ask for details through SMS’s or calls.  Avoid messages and calls. 
  7. Password protect your mobile phone for extra security. 
  8. Install an anti-theft app that wipes down the device so that no information can be accessed in case it is lost or stolen.  Know how to kill or wipe your phone remotely.

Written by: Tim Schilling


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