Make a Home Inventory Video

While cleaning out my basement last weekend, I came across a box of tools. Typically, all of my tools are organized and stored in their proper place; wood working in the basement, automotive in the garage, small toolbox in the mudroom. It really bothered me that I did not even remember these were boxed and shelved in a corner of the basement.

Finding this random box of tools got me thinking about all the stuff (i.e. junk) that my wife and I have. If we have a fire, would I even be able to provide a list of possessions to the insurance company? Judging from the box of misplaced tools it seems obvious that it would be impossible.

Therefore, I started looking at different Home Inventory Apps and other list databases, and I found some great tools. Most of these are very time consuming, so I decided to go a different route. Video!

I took my GoPro video camera, started in the basement and recorded every nook and cranny.   Every drawer was opened, my wife and I gave a running commentary, and the video was edited to make on-screen notes. With editing completed, I uploaded the video onto Drop Box and Google Docs, so in the event of a fire, the records are stored off-site.

This easy, fun, family project can be completed in just one afternoon. You can have children videotape their own room. Alternatively, make it a scavenger hunt, where each child must find and video tape a specific item.

I recommend everyone have a home inventory; specifically, an item-by-item list with notes and values. However, that can be difficult task. A video might be the next best thing.

If you have questions about the benefits of making a Home Inventory, please contact Scott Bissell,

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