National Safety Month – Week Two, Fatigue and Heat

It is week two of National Safety Month, and the focus is on managing Fatigue.

Thirty-seven percent of the U.S. workforce is sleep deprived.  Proper sleep allows us to recharge and avoid injuries at home and at work.  Sleep deprivation can be linked to depression, obesity and heart disease.  Get your zzzz’s with helpful tips:  don’t check your phone before bed, avoid eating right before bed and keep a consistent sleep schedule.

Compounding fatigue can be the impact of the heat as we approach the summer months.  Be prepared:

  • Hydrate
  • Take sufficient breaks
  • Protect yourself from the sun
  • Allow time to recover

Attached you will find the second week’s resources below:

Please join Early, Cassidy & Schilling to raise awareness to Keep Each Other Safe.

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