Alternative Risk

Alternative markets include high deductibles, self-insurance, risk retention groups and captives.

For business firms that want to gain greater control over their insurance costs, Early, Cassidy & Schilling has developed an alternative risk transfer team which will work with you to create a customized program as an option to purchasing conventional policies. The EC&S team has extensive experience in preparing and evaluating the options available in alternative markets. Once these alternatives were only available for large companies, but with recent changes in regulations, more options are available for a greater number of eligible businesses or associations.

In addition to large deductible and self-insurance plans for your casualty insurance coverages, our team has expertise in forming captive insurers which allow you to share in the investment income from your own loss reserves. As an Assurex Global partner, we also have access to a successful group captive for construction risks which has over $7,000,000 in written premium and is currently projecting a $996,000 dividend to its members. Our partnership gives us access to existing captives that greatly reduce the cost and risk involved. Our team will assist you in determining if your company should consider an alternative to your current program: We will:

  • Complete the evaluation process
  • Assist in locating third-party service providers
  • Negotiate reinsurance contracts
  • Explore and present sample proformas

If your company has a stable claims history, the financial ability to assume some risk and is willing to make a long-term commitment to reducing its losses, this alternative may be worth your consideration.


We can always count on our EC&S team for timely information, exceptional customer service and a great partnership!

Octavia Powell, Manager Marriott Vacations Worldwide Corporation March 9, 2014