Employee Benefits

Our goal is to efficiently preserve your greatest asset, your people, and assure the future earning power of your business in a pro-active and cost-effective manner.

The EC&S Employee Benefit Practice delivers core brokerage and consulting services paired with value-added solutions to support your employee benefits program.  More than ever, our clients rely on us to help them navigate the uncertainty of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) and the countless other laws that govern employee benefits.  Cost control, compliance, collaboration and communication are all essential to the success of our clients; we deliver this value to our client by way of helping them earn more revenue or helping them avert a financial loss.

Our approach is unique: EC&S sees the engagement with our client as an annual event and not a renewal event.  We recognize that employee benefits are just one tactic in a comprehensive human capital strategy, and as such, we built our model to deliver solutions throughout the year, as needed by our clients.  Our clients have access to all of our resources to solve the most challenging human capital and employee benefit risks.

We pride ourselves in helping our clients create group programs that establish a proper balance between cost and coverage as we:

  • Analyze current coverages, determine potential exposures, and recommend changes to maximize objectives
  • Select coverages that provide maximum cost effectiveness and match your funding strategy
  • Provide trained, bilingual open enrollment personnel, personalized enrollment packets, and assistance with employee enrollment meetings
  • Provide online enrollment through the insurance carrier or third-party system at no extra cost
  • Assist with employee education by providing booklets, summary plans, seminars, and responsive customer service support
  • Assist in compliance with government regulations, such as PPACA, ERISA, COBRA, TEFRA, and others
  • Work directly with you and your employees and provide support during the claims process

We are proud to be able to offer our clients access to ThinkHR.


Jeff and Mary Anne, Just a quick note to thank both of you for all of your hard work and assistance.  Insurance is a dangerous place for a novice like myself and throughout it all you were supportive and patient.......really, really, really patient. Thank you for your commitment to the community of Bethlehem House.  I am pleased that we are able to put everything under one roof at EC&S.

Alan Fittig, Operations Director Bethlehem House Inc. September 9, 2014