Early, Cassidy & Schilling, LLC joined the Benefit Advisors Network in 2013.  BAN  is a membership network of more than 50 independent insurance brokerage & consulting firms throughout the country that collaborate to deliver best in class advice and products.  We are backed with the collective intelligence and market influence of a nationwide team of Smart Partners®, carefully selected from among the most prestigious and progressive benefit firms in the United States.

With EC&S as your local Smart Partner® we are able to:

  • Help you control your health care costs
  • Stay on top of regulatory changes to help you stay compliant
  • Execute the most effective benefit plans
  • Provide you with specific industry knowledge and expertise

To learn more about the advantage of working with us as your Smart Partner® please visit:


Capitol Paving is a highway/roadway and underground utilities construction company. Our office staff is small given the volume of work we perform annually. Having an EC&S team working with us gave us the extra support we needed to stay on top of our Safety Program and minimize the cost of our insurance program at renewal. Insurance cost is a major part of any company’s budget. In some cases insurance costs can be so significant that it can harshly impact a company’s finances. We have learned that insurance costs can be within our control. We owe this ability to a strong working relationship with our EC&S team. Thank you Early, Cassidy & Schilling, LLC for being one of the best in the business!!

Terri L. Woodfolk, Executive Assistant Capitol Paving May 17, 2014