Group Personal Excess

Executive Coverage for Personal Exposure

Business owners recognize the value a rich employee benefit package demonstrates to a potential hire or to the retention of an existing high level associate in today’s competitive environment. Early, Cassidy & Schilling (EC&S) is dedicated to offering clients strategies that will enhance your employee benefits program in unique ways. One such product, the Group Personal Excess Liability policy (GPE), not only protects the employee and their familiy but also the owners of a limited liability company or partnership.

The personal liability coverage available on Homeowners, Automobile and Watercraft policies is not always sufficient in the event of a personal liability lawsuit. An option to protect oneself is to purchase an individual Personal Excess Liability policy. The limits available may be less than desired and the corresponding premium could be daunting. With a Group Personal Excess Liability policy (GPE), the participating member is able to obtain coverage with options of higher limits at a more competitive premium and with a streamlined application process.

The GPE not only provides that layer of protection above and beyond your primary policies liability limits, it also includes:

  • Unlimited defense costs
  • Identity fraud coverage
  • Kidnap expenses
  • No exclusion for pollution liability
  • Loss of earnings coverage
  • Automatic coverage for non-compensated directors and officers of a not-for-profit board
  • Incidental business and farming pursuits
  • First dollar coverage for large and personal watercraft if rented or furnished for 60 days or less
  • Employment practices liability is available for an additional premium
  • Excess Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists coverage is available for an additional premium

The ease of administrating a GPE is another attractive feature of the policy. The sponsoring group determines the member eligibility requirements. A master policy is issued with certificates of insurance to the participating members. Additions and deletions are processed and the premium adjustment is negotiated with the sponsoring organization.

Let the GPE give peace of mind to your associates and the firm with the knowledge this comprehensive protection is safeguarding personal assets and lifestyles.


When you work with Early, Cassidy and Schilling you have experts just a smart phone call or email away! Non-profit and business managers like me, can sleep at night knowing that EC&S has matched our complex programmatic activities with our insurance needs to lower organizational risk and adequately cover any exposures.  If you have insurance questions, they have answers.  If you have claims, they have professional and speedy responses.  They have systems and people that work!  From executive protection to general liability or overseas activity they are your reliable authority on insurance.

Alison Seiler, Director of Administration U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants March 18, 2016