Affinity Programs

Do the members of your Association or Franchise Group have a common insurance need?

Early, Cassidy & Schilling, LLC specializes in developing and managing programs as an alternative approach to the ordinary method of purchasing insurance products and services.   The sponsoring organization can harness the collective buying power of the members and transform it into a benefit. In addition to it being an efficient method of reaching a specific audience, important advantages are gained as well.

By leveraging the aggregate cost of the insurance or service the group can achieve:

  • Competitive premiums for all participants
  • Customized  coverage forms that may not otherwise be available to the group in a standard offering
  • Services such as web based platforms  for safety, wellness and compliance resources

Affinity programs are tailored to meet your group’s needs and are available for a single line policy type or multiple lines of coverage.   Examples include:

  • Multiple employer trust arrangement for group benefits
  • Multi state property program
  • Master program for a franchise group
  • Individual lines of coverage such as cyber or management liability
  • Surety bonds

In addition to the benefits to your member or franchisees, there are also financial and membership or franchise recruitment/retention benefits that accrue to the sponsoring organization.

This unique approach to risk management enables you, the sponsoring organization to focus the synergy of your group while also deriving some direct benefits to your organization.


What a pleasure it is to work with your entire team. It is great to have a company with all the services in-house supporting us. We truly see EC&S as a "trusted advisor and partner." Thank you for the comprehensive support you have given us all these years.

Alberto Omeechevaria Biscayne Contractors, Inc. March 9, 2014