Property Owners

Early, Cassidy & Schilling, LLC has a strong aptitude and the experience needed to succeed in managing risk in today’s complex world of property management and ownership.

Whether you are involved in retail, commercial, residential or industrial properties we have the qualifications to counsel you about your distinct coverage needs. In our 80 plus years of experience we have followed the trends in losses and can help you avoid unforeseen risks that could be detrimental to your operation.

From our years of experience in providing risk management solutions to Real Estate clients, we have come to understand the critical issues surrounding the protection of assets and cash flow. Accordingly, EC&S has created a strategic approach to understanding your portfolio, your firm’s goals and the risk management resources needed to minimize both risks and costs.

Our process begins with understanding the types of property in your portfolio and the ownership structure. We then analyze your current insurance program to surface any coverage gaps as well as an assessment of the potential financial impact of those gaps. The analysis is accompanied by recommendations for cost effective solutions for consideration by the owners and/or property managers.

The next phase of the process is also critical. We review the risk control elements that may be of importance to you such as site inspections and claims reviews. This process culminates in our presenting a written, pro-active, performance driven service plan.

Our goal is to take your service plan to a new level – one that tracks with your strategic objectives and that supports your operations in protecting your properties.


I would like to express gratitude on behalf of myself and the Institutional Network Communications (“INC”)’s management team, to Early, Cassidy & Schilling, LLC for the tireless efforts in securing a bond for our statewide telecommunications contract with the State of Tennessee. It is the largest contract in our company’s history. INC has been an EC&S customer for 10 years. EC&S has never failed to deliver a bond, but this situation posed huge obstacles due to the length of the contract. EC&S reached out to numerous surety companies and was told no several times but had success at the end of the day. INC just finished the first year of this contract and that year was a huge success. Thanks again to all the key personnel at EC&S for your clutch performance.

Rick Nunn, Owner Institutional Network Communications March 9, 2014