Storm Preparedness

The 2015 Atlantic hurricane season is almost halfway over. Yet we still face the most active month of the season  and recently passed the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina (August 29th). While coastal communities bear the brunt of storm damage, inland areas are not immune. There are many ways to prepare for a storm that can reduce the impact on you, your family and your business. These actions include:

  • Develop an emergency plan with family, friends and colleagues that outlines communication and meeting places
  • Check all gutters and drains to make sure they are clear for proper runoff
  • Trim any hanging branches from trees and shrubs that could hit your building or home
  • Know your evacuation routes
  • Monitor storm paths and potential impact on your area through local and national media
  • Maintain a supply of food, water and prescriptions to last at least five days
  • Keep a battery operated radio and flashlight on hand with extra batteries
  • Reduce damage to structures by maintaining roofs, walls and trees
  • Consider purchasing a generator
  • Have cash available in case of power outages

For more information on hurricanes and tropical storms, as well as additional preparation tips, follow the link below to FEMA’s “How to Prepare for a Hurricane” document:

FEMA How to Prepare for a Hurricane

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