SuretyLearn: Online Orientation and Resources on Surety Bonding

Are you an emerging contractor? Do you want help establishing a surety relationship? Or do you just want to understand what contract surety is and how it works? teaches you the basics of bonding, what is needed to achieve surety credit, and how to be presentable to surety companies. The website includes an online bonding orientation course, checklists, questionnaires, informative articles, PowerPoint slides, and much more! The online course educates emerging construction business owners about achieving surety credit and the specific steps you need to take to enter into surety credit relationships. The course is available for anyone at any time, is priced at $25, and can be taken by a student at his/her own pace within a 12-month period after purchase.  Topics covered include:

  • Chapter 1: What Is Contract Surety?
  • Chapter 2: What the Surety Looks for in a Contractor (or How Do I Become Bondable?)
  • Chapter 3: Role of the Professional Surety Bond Producer
  • Chapter 4: Establishing Relationships with Other Professional Service Providers—Bankers and Attorneys
  • Chapter 5 :Construction Procurement and the Roles of Those Involved
  • Chapter 6: Governmental and Other Resources for Small Construction Companies
  • Chapter 7: Basics of Contract Bond Claims

Helpful resources also available are links to government agencies and pertinent assistance programs as well as a directory of service providers who specialize in servicing specific contractors.

The website was created by The National Association of Surety Bond Producers (NASBP).  NASBP is a national trade association whose membership includes firms employing licensed surety bond producers placing bid, performance, and payment bonds throughout the United States and its territories. NASBP members play a vital role as advisors and educators to help clients  meet underwriting requirements to develop surety relationships as well as understand the important role that surety has in the marketplace.  EC&S’ Senior VP of Surety, Lynne Cook, serves on the executive committee for NASBP as Second Vice President.

If you have any questions about the course or about surety in general please give us a call at 301-948-5800 and ask for Lynne or anyone else in the Bond Department!



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