The Temperatures Expected This Week Increase The Risk For Frozen And Burst Pipes

Severe cold is forecast to impact the Northeast and parts of the Mid-Atlantic this week.  These conditions could easily cause pipes to freeze, and the likelihood that they will burst only increases as temperatures rise and frozen pipes thaw. Our partners at Pure Insurance sent us the below friendly reminder and we wanted to pass it along.

The impact of these temperatures should not be underestimated.

Frozen and burst pipes can quickly cause significant damage to your home, and those in typically warmer locations are often even more vulnerable. We strongly recommend you set your heat to at least 65°F, and consider opening cabinet and vanity doors to allow warm air to circulate more easily.

If you are away, your home is at greater risk.

We’ve found that unoccupied homes can experience as much as four times the damage from burst pipes, usually because the water could pour throughout your house undetected for hours—or even days. Have a caretaker or trusted friend check on your home at least twice a day.

Be proactive.

Click below to learn how you can recognize if a pipe in your home has frozen and intervene quickly to minimize potential damage.

How to Recognize and Intervene When a Pipe Has Frozen or Burst.

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