Tips for Winter Weather

After last night’s dusting and with the impending Nor’easter over the weekend, this is a good time to review snow and ice removal/treatment procedures. If you have not developed a plan of action, the enclosed document from our Insurance Company partner (Accident Fund) provides some good direction. See here: Snow and Ice Removal Guidebook.

One specific process to emphasize is the use of a snow log.  A log can aide in the documentation of your efforts to manage the process. Such documentation has been found to help in the defense and mitigation of incidents claiming negligence in your management of snow and ice removal/treatment.

Key elements include:

  • Location – be as specific as possible
  • Date and time of the activity
  • The type of activity
    1. Plow, shovel, etc.
    2. De-ice, sand, etc.
  • Who is performing the activity
    1. Specific name of employee(s)
    2. Company name of contractor – specific name of employee(s), if possible
  • Amount of treatment used
  • Weather activity – snowing, no snow, sun is shining, etc.

Documentation is crucial. Add further notes under comments and use additional documents as needed. Be sure to communicate to your contractors the need for this documentation. A sample log can be found here for your use: Snow Removal Log.

Don’t forget to monitor the thaw and re-freezing areas (downspouts, snow thaw runoff, heavy shaded areas, etc.) in ensuing days.

Also, remember to monitor interior building entranceways to manage the tracking of snow and ice.  Use mats where possible and setup warning (wet floor) signs.

If a slip and fall incident were to occur, feel free to use the incident form in the enclosed.  Take pictures (360 view if possible) of the area of the incident and Document! Document! Document! Call Early, Cassidy & Schilling, Inc. as soon as possible to report the incident.

Be Safe!


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