What is a Personal Umbrella Policy and Why Do You Need It?

A Personal Umbrella Policy is normally a $1,000,000 or $2,000,000 policy that adds additional protection on top of the Homeowner’s Liability and Personal Automobile policies. Anyone is at risk that drives a car, has guests at their home, rents a vacation home, or participates in activities such as boating and personal watercraft or skiing. The risk of a lawsuit from libel and slander or defamation also increases whenever someone participates as a volunteer or coach.

In addition, everyone with any tangible assets can be the target of a lawsuit or complaint. The biggest risk any average citizen undertakes is getting behind the wheel of a car. Almost everyone knows someone who has at one point in their life been involved in or responsible for injuring someone with an automobile.

If a court or jury judgment is awarded and you don’t have proper coverage, any monies paid would be your savings, your home, your assets and your 401(k).

A Personal Umbrella is one of the best values for insurance protection anyone can buy. It’s affordable, and it can protect you from financial disaster.  Have any questions regarding this?  Contact Kenny Cassidy at Cassidytk@ecsinsure.com .

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